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With the implementation of CAD for design, capturing the circuit accurately has become more important than ever. The schematic diagram not only illustrates the circuit diagram, but it is also the basis of which the Bill of Material is compiled and is the driving source for the design itself. By implementing the proper attributes such as Manufacturing Part Numbers, an accurate Bill of Material can be generated and imported into a companies MRP system. 



Support company's design needs to keep up with the fast pace, quick turn requirements that are required. 

Offering a level of expertise that utilizes my experience with the goal of getting it right the first time. To offer the interaction and communication that ensures that the design is both manufacturable and will meet all goals that are required both with calendar schedules and performance. 


To ensure all manufacturing and testability requirements are met, communication with the pertinent vendors is established and communication on the specifics of the design are discussed and verified. Specifics like dielectric material and controlled impedance requirements are critical and could have lead time implications. Education of manufacturing processes is essential to designing a PCB with the tolerances necessary to ensure a smooth delivery.



It has been a practice for many years to integrate the mechanical constraints into the PCB design on reference layers that will confirm that all proper alignment and critical locations for all associated mating parts are true and correct. We utilize DXF protocol with Autocad to achieve this and then we are able to export a model back to the mechanical engineer for verification.



Fabrication drawing depicting all the specifics of the design including mechanical detail information as well as layer stack up, hole sizes and quantity. This is an integral part of the design package and supports all the work done in the design phase. All fabrication requirements are detailed and expected to be adhered to for compliance and acceptance. The creation of the support documentation is done with the use of Autocad Drafting software.


Assembly drawing is created representing the final board with all of the parts, both electrical and mechanical, that are relative to this design. Pertinent information like a Bill of Material can be illustrated here per companies preferences.


Bill of Materials is also exported and provided, which is accurate to the schematic diagram and any additional parts that would be required at the assembly level.



Gerber files are created accompanied with a Fabrication Drawing for the submission to vendors for quote. Panelization with Test Coupons are avalable per request for submission to fabrication or assembly vendors.

Solder Paste Stencils can also be created and modified to the companies specs if required.



Qual-Pro was started in 1971 with a simple mission: Provide high-quality customer service to companies in need of electronics manufacturing services.  Today, Qual-Pro continues that mission but with an expanded set of services.  What was once a small shop primarily focused on testing electronics has grown to a company of more than 100 people offering an array of manufacturing services including turnkey manufacturing and complete box-level assembly of mission critical electronics. 


Streamline Circuits is a leading manufacturer of high quality Printed Circuit Boards
offering Rigid, Rigid Flex and Multilayer Flex. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Streamline’s customers take advantage of these highly valued resources to develop a cost effective product in a time sensitive manner. These capabilities are critical for today’s technology driven customers. Streamline Services: communications, military & aerospace, industrial electronics, instrumentation and medical equipment markets, who need to get their quality products to market first.


Specializing in printed circuit boards for Defense and Aerospace, VSC has dedicated its staff and management to exceed all expectations of quality, service and reliability. Proudly standing behind more than three decades of experience, VSC provides expert knowledge and a proven record of excellence.

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