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With education as a priority in my development as a Senior Designer, I have applied electrical engineering principles with a greater understanding of manufacturing processes to produce designs at high yields with minimal manufacturing defects. 


I have invested in several EDA softwares that ensure capability with companies in house tools to be able to offer additional resources that increases production and reduce turn time in the design phase. I continue to maintain and am constantly looking to stay current with the tools and techniques that are most prevalent in the field currently. 


My strongest attributes in the design of Printed Circuit Boards are:


1) Strong understanding of Controlled Impedances / RF Design in addition to High Speed Digital and Analog design techniques.  Extensive work with designs that utilize radio communication and video output. 


2) Able to implement mechanical constraints into each design effectively, optimizing available space not only for component placement but for routing, isolation/shielding and testability, while taking into consideration manufacturing requirements and cost affective techniques accurately.



To create detailed drawings from engineering sketches and verbal instructions. These drawings consist of machined parts, sheet metal enclosures and chassis assemblies. There were also electrical drafting duties required such as Schematic Diagrams, Wiring Diagrams and Cable Assemblies. In addition to my basic drafting duties I was also responsible in preparing and processing "Engineering Change Orders" to implement changes on existing drawings when required.



To support the integration of both electronic and mechanical aspect of the designs. This includes generating and maintaining mechanical detail drawings, 3d modeling assemblies and the creation of the  Bill of Materials that reflect the entire assembly accurately through out the documentation release process.



To design a variety of designs using either single sided, double sided or multilayer criteria. I have designed High Speed Digital, Analog and RF Circuitry utilizing Via in Pad and Micro BGA Technology when required. I have designed for a variety of end products such as:  Power Supplies, Power Amplifiers, Network Cards, Back Planes, Memory and Digital Processor Boards with speed up to 400Ghz. All designs are either Mil / IPC/ UL compliant when required and are used in Aerospace/Military/Consumer Electronics (Audio/Video).



To check design packages for Form Fit and Function compatibility. PCB's are checked for continuity as well as Design Rule Check (DRC) to insure compliance with the design specifications. All designs are evaluated for manufacturing reproducibility (DFM) and manufacturing compliance that will produce a high yield of successful builds. 



To schedule and oversee the design effort of the CAD group. This includes training of personnel on CAD softwares and procedural aspects of each design phase. To track and coordinate efforts of design efforts through completion in a timely accurate manner. To engage and interact with management clearly, to be informative and accurate in the progress of each effort. I have been responsible for compiling design groups that go on-site and support design efforts for such companies such as Jet Propulsion Laboratories (MSL Project)



I have been hired to evaluate designs for compliance with manufacturing standards and assembly (auto-insertion) criteria.


Additional responsibilities include creating panelization of PCB's for clients, doing step and repeat of the circuit to optimize the panel size while taking into consideration assemble criterias.


I have experience in modifying certain aspects of design gerber data for the creation of "Solder paste Stencils" that ensure proper alignment of fine pitch parts during the assembly process.


I have been part of a manufacturing team as a "DFM Engineer" doing design evaluations for compliance in Controlled Impedances Calculations this includes Layer Stack up, Dielectric base material selection and thickness, Copper weight , etc.


Communicating feedback to the client about the accuracy of the product goals and determining if the data meets all design targets as designed then making any modification on their behalf to optimize thier design to achieve optimal results in the manufacturing processes.



Performed as technical expert in training companies in the use of EDA software. From schematic capture through the design process implementing practical design scenarios that occur in the design of PCB's. Applicable Software’s: Orcad Capture/ Layout, Pads Power Logic / PCB, Mentor Design Architect / Board Station.

A team player with over thirty years of experience who wants to contribute, who is not afraid of taking on responsibility, who works independently with minimal supervision and is capable of multi-tasking to meet projected goals and schedules.


Highly organized -  Diligent - Good communicator -

Strong attention to detail -

Strong written and verbal skills -

Ability to manage multiple tasks - 

Proven ability to interact with vendors and clients to meet design goals and deadlines.


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