Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with some of the brightest, most innovative engineers on progressive projects that shape the way we deal with space travel, medical breakthroughs and weaponry.


JPL: I have worked on Cassini, Mars Rover (MSL), Mars Polar Lander and the James web Telescope.


Raytheon: I worked on many classified projects for a variety of military applications.


Gtran: I was able to advance and develop a Digital Design that pushed the limits at 400 ghz, setting a precedent for the company's capability.


Superconductor: I was able to learn more about dielectric material and RF design techniques than any where else.

Setpoint Medical: I was able to create a device that one day would cure immune deficiency in human beings

Being a consultant, I have had the opportunity to work on many different type of designs for agenciesI wanted to share just a few sample of the design that I had done to demonstrate the complexity and the varity of work that I have performed for these clients.  


Aerospace Clientele:

Bendix . JPL . Raytheon . Teledyne . BF Goodrich . Navy Research Labs  . Dryden Flight Research Labs (NASA)  . Berkley Aerospace . Eaton Aerospace . Crane Aerospace . Thales (England).


Consumer Electronic Clientele: 

ACT Networks . Harmen Karden . Belkin International . Superconductor Technologies . Gtran  .  Xerox 

NMB  .  Moog . Topaz Engineering . JMR Networks . Validyne


Medical Electronics Clientele:

Kevex X-Ray . Setpoint Medical . Replenish 



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