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EDA Tools Utilized:

  • Altium Designer , Orcad CIS- Schematic Capture

  • Altium Designer- PCB Design

  • Auotcad, Creo- Documentation and 3D Modeling

  • Cam350- Gerber generation, Panelization

Specific Design Experience:
  • High Speed Digital Design
  • Differential Pairs
  • Controlled Impedance / Inductance
  • EMI design considerations
  • High Current Power Supplies (65 Amps/650 Volts/ 32 Kwatts)
  • Library Creation
    • Schematic Symbol
    • PCB Footprint geometry
    • 3D Modeling verification (embedded)

Clientele Demographic:

Aerospace (NASA) - Consumer Electronics - Military -

Medical Devices - Start Up Ventures - Avionics (Electric Power)


Satellites - Defense Weaponry - Rovers - Medical Implants -

Surgical equipment - DC/DC Power Supplies -

Audio Equipment  - Propulsion Engines- Electronic Telescopes


3D CAD capability allows the designer to integrate the physical constraint "Max Height" parameter in a visual model to verify form fit and function clearances have been met, as well as providing an accurate model for the mechanical engineer to use in his rendering of the overall assembly.


Flex circuitry has been a critical alternative for many of the very small  Medical Devices that we have designed.



Rigid Flex construction has become a standard means of maintaining connections between several PCB's in a small confined area without the need of cabling.

On-Site / Off-Site Availability

Full Turn-Key Capability

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